Thursday, November 10, 2011

What is Wrong with American Universities?

I don't usually comment on politics or daily affairs, but I cannot resist today. One CNN headline reads: "Penn State students take to streets after Paterno, president lose jobs." This headline beautifully illustrates the order of priorities in higher education. Paterno, just a football coach, seems to be more important than the president of the university.

It almost appears as though football is the most important "business" of the university. It isn't. Not by a long shot. It would be a very good thing, if large universities in America were to remember what their primary role is: education and research. Football is just a diversion — something that should be secondary.

Nor have I ever thought that the competitive sports are good for the moral well-being of universities. Penn State has stayed clear of scandals involving grades and money, but it is painfully obvious that the culture of competitive sports allowed a pedophile to prosper as long as it did not interfere with business as usual, i.e. winning football games. This is what is wrong — and not just at Penn State. 

Back to note-taking ...

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