Friday, December 9, 2011

Arno Schmidt's Zettel

This Web site publishes a Zettel (slip, index card) a day from Arno Schmidt's card index — in German.[1] Arno Schmidt was one of the most significant and most interesting German novelists of post-war Germany. This Website in English presents more information about Arno Schmidt.

Dave Winer, who may be said to have started the electronic outliner category with VisiText, is said to be the grandnephew of Arno Schmidt.[2] This is interesting because Schmidt's motto: "I don't know anyone who is right as often as I am" could also be Winer's.

Here a copy of one of his Zettelkästen or manuscripts consisting of ordered slips:

Doesn't look much like an outline — or does it?

1. I have never written an entire entry on Arno Schmidt, but see this entry.

2. See this Wikipedia entry.

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