Sunday, December 4, 2011


Scribe is an easy outliner for the Mac.

It costs 12.99.

December 5, 2011: The application works very well. You just need tab and delete to move headings around. You can paste the outline into TextEdit and the formatting stays intact. However, saving it as RTF file and opening it in MS-Word leads to rather unpredictable results.  Importing or pasting it into Mellel works better, though. Hitting tab at the beginning of each item, makes them line up correctly, so the outline structure remains intact.

It would be good, if it could save to OPML or other formats.


JWS02459 said...

It would seem that the absence of OPML is a significant lack, especially for those using Scrivener, which works very nicely with outlines that have been exported as OPML files.

MK said...

Seems to be rather new. Perhaps it will be added. At least, one may hope it will be added.

Dexter said...

Hi! I am one of the developers on Scribe. OPML coming soon, we promise!

Thanks for your support, and don't ever hesitate to get in touch. @scribeapp or support(at)pepperedsoftware(dot)com.

PS - wouldn't it be cool if you could record audio and have it sync up to your notes? Coming with OPML! ;)

MK said...

That's great!