Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kindle Notes, Again

I wrote more than a year ago about the Kindle Clipping File. In particular, one reader has suggested I say something about the service which allows you to transform the clippings file to Excel, Word and PDF, download them, or publish them to Evernote.

This is not the only solution, if txt files are a problem for you. Professor's Notes offers a Word macro that takes the text and makes it "a very nice readable document."[1] The site also has some tips on what to do with Kindle files on the iPhone or the Android.

There also seems to be a java application that parses the big clippings file into smaller files according to the books read yy.[2} Other utilities exist, like an application to transform it into a cvs file.

For the Mac, there is an application, called Notescraper which is in Beta, however. It exports to Evernote and OmniOutliner.

1. See also this.

2. Use at your own risk, I have not tried it.

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