Thursday, March 8, 2012

A QWERTY Effect?

Here a paper that claims to show that "relationship between emotional valence and QWERTY key position across three languages (English, Spanish, and Dutch). Words with more right-side letters were rated as more positive in valence, on average, than words with more left-side letters: the QWERTY effect."

No further comment!

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Juan Diego said...

Since I couldn't find other proper place to do this, I would like to ask some questions that bugs me since I read your blog (I hope the off-topicness of my comment don't bother you)

What are the real advantages of going paperless or using electronic devices to store our academical notes?

As far as you know (from your experience and others comments) the processes of learning, taking note, reading and writing are remarkably improved by moving on digital?

Have you been worried about the implied electricity dependence in the digital note taking? (might sound silly but I find it quite disturbing)

Thank you very much. I'm actually doing a zettelkasten sort of system with paper index cards because of your articles about the subject.