Saturday, May 5, 2012

AhK Inline outliner in ConnectedText

I published this some time ago in the ConnectedText Forum, but perhaps it is worth a plug on this blog as well. While ConnectedText offers a capable outliner of its own, I sometimes feel the need to use outlines within a topic. This hack is meant to itch that scratch: see here[1]

This code presupposes you press Shift-Ctrl + the key you want. It has worked well for me in the past few years. It's probably best if you save it in a separate ahk file (like Outliner.ahk).

While it does not replace GrandView, you can reduplicate some of its functions by using links [[like this]] in the headings to jump to topics that correspond to the headings.

1. The code does not display correctly here, that's why I supply the reference to the ConnectedText Forum.

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