Thursday, May 17, 2012


This review of Justnotes makes a case for choosing this application over Notational Velocity and nVALT. I am not sure it makes a strong case. The main reasons are:
  1. Ugly icon.
  2. I don’t like the UI of the app itself, the dual purpose search/create new notes field has always bugged me.
  3. Both of these apps don’t work particularly well with the KM macro that I use to pre-fill the note title because of that omnibar thing.
If that's all there is, there is no need to change from Notational Velocity/nVALT. It's actually easy to change the icon and Keyboard Maestro is an acquired taste. I prefer TextExpander. The dual purpose search/create is viewed by most users as a strength of Notational Velocity and nVALT.

At the end, you find an update: "forgot to mention that the way Justnotes names files is odd. It names them with what seems to be a random string when you use Dropbox — this will be really annoying if you go by notes names in iOS apps. So beware of that."

If that is not a significant disadvantage that outweighs all the supposed—highly subjective—advantages, then I don't know.

Oh ... and did I mention price?

Addendum May 19, 2012: John Gruber agrees with "pretty much ... every word" in the review. Go figure ... And I think a lot less of him as a result.


Randall Short said...

I also saw the review this morning and came to a similar conclusion. Notational Velocity's dual purpose search/create feature and lightening-fast interface are probably what I like the most about it. I can understand why someone might not like NV's approach to search/create, but then it's a little hard to see why they'd use it to begin with.

But about the price . . . It doesn't beat NV there either, but I did think Justnotes's price was on the cheap side.

JWS02459 said...

I was also a bit perplexed by Brooks' review. For a while I was using the beta version of JustNotes, but switched over the nvAlt and never looked back. I launch nvAlt with a function key, so I never see the "ugly" icon, the combination search/create bar seems to be an ideal way of navigating a long list of entries, and, since I don't use Keyboard Maestro, that complaint is moot. The business with randomly named entries, though: that's a deal breaker.

Among its other virtues, nvAlt integrates nicely with Marked, making previewing of Multimarkdown files a breeze.

MichaelTheGeek said...

Well the new app looks good as the beta still works a nice price, but free alternative are as good.