Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mark Twain on Notebooks

"It is a troublesome thing for a lazy man to take notes, so I used to try in my young days to pack my impressions in my head. But that can’t be done satisfactorily, so I went from that to another stage– that of making notes in a note-book. But I jotted them down in so skeleton a form that they did not bring back to me what it was I wanted them to furnish. Having discovered that defect, I have mended my ways a good deal in this respect, but still my notes are inadequate. However, there may be some advantage to the reader in this, since in the absence of notes imagination has often to supply the place of facts" (Mark Twain’s Notebooks & Journals, Volume I [1]: 1855-1873, p. 5).[1]


1. It is known that he kept at least 49 Notebooks because they still exist. their format is relatively small: until 1900 he used 4" by 6 1/2," after that appointment books at 2" by 3 1/4".

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