Monday, June 4, 2012

Neo 2

The Neo 2 can"send, save, and download documents wirelessly to Google Docs. It "connects seamlessly—no Web browser distractions—to Google Docs, allowing you to easily transfer files back and forth wirelessly without losing your focus. The combination of NEO 2 and Google Docs provides safe, secure external file back-up, additional file storage, quick and convenient access, and more—all in one easy-to-use, distraction-free wireless writing solution."

I own a Neo and I would have to upgrade to a Neo 2 to take advantage of this. See here. I am tempted!

See also the comments for full disclosure!

21:37 I have mulled this over and decided that I don't need a Neo 2.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but did you note the fact that you need the optional "Renaissance Receiver" hooked up to an Internet enabled computer to wirelessly transfer your documents back and forth with Google Docs.

MK said...

Yes, I saw this ... And I agree I should have pointed that out, but I was interrupted when I wrote the post.

The Renaissance Receiver adds $99.00. Sending in the Neo "saves" 25.00 (which is probably not much more than the costs for sending it to them.