Monday, June 4, 2012


NovoCard is a relatively new iPad application. It allows you to "create 'stacks'—each comprised of an unlimited number of cards on one or more backgrounds. Add your own objects (buttons, fields, pictures) to cards and backgrounds. Fields are searchable, so every stack becomes a mini custom database."

Talk of "stacks, buttons, fields, pictures" reminds of HyperCard. In fact, it is claimed that "'NovoCard captures the simplicity of HyperCard and the joy of making your own apps almost as fast as you can imagine them - right on the iPad!' - J.C. review of version 1.0".

Its scripting language is Novoscript which is characterized as a superset of Javascript. The help and reference files available on the Website give you a good idea what a "stack" looks like in the present version.

NovoCard costs just $3.99. It does not seem to let you do much at this point. (Click on "All Versions" in the the reviews of iTunes to find out a little more.) I have not used it, but it looks interesting and has potential. It seems definitely worth following.

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Richard Swancott said...
Trying to get community going for this app for help and stack exchange.