Thursday, June 14, 2012

Synchronize between Simplenote and Evernote

Can't make up your mind whether to use Simplenote or Evernote? Why don't you use both? This new service makes it possible.

I haven't used it yet, but I think I will. One thing to consider is that it seems to be centered on Evernote rather than on Simplenote which is described as the "little brother" of Evernote, or as the "short-term memory" that supports long-term memory."



JWS02459 said...

To extend the metaphor ...

I've found that, as my SimpleNote library (which syncs on my laptop with the great nvAlt) has gotten larger, it is taking longer for it to open on my iPod Touch and, hence, I now have to wait to enter new notes. So, I've started to use Drafts — which opens immediately to a blank screen and allows for later exporting of notes to SimpleNote and other programs — as the app that receives my half-baked ideas. So, I suppose Drafts has become my short term memory and SimpleNote/nvAlt are now the place where ideas await reconsideration.

jwag said...

As EV has gotten larger, it has been taking longer to open - similar to what the last poster said. Based on this post, I started using simplenote (via Resophnotes) as the lobby of my notetaking/research edifice, of which evernote is the Grand Palais. It works.

But, with ConnectedText in the system is EV worthwhile? Integrating these and others, does evernote really have a place, as it is not centered on the idea of linking and making connections, as much as long term storage?

MK said...

Evernote is useful for taking notes on the road (iPad or Android). They are then available on the desktop to be copied into ConnectedText. I don't have many notes in it, as I delete them pretty much after I copied them to ConnectedText.

I mainly use it for the rooted Nook touch.

jwag said...

So, seems my system has been standing on its head and I must turn it right side up again!

I was trying to have ConnectText subordinate to EV in the pipeline.

I've been using an awkward combo of EV for notes, Mendeley (ref manager) and scrivener in windows and an android tablet when on the trail, with and lots and lots of tags to make connections and smart searching. Tagging is a bit cumbersome and tends to impead flow, though.

I hope I've found a solution in a system more like what you describe in your posts. Thanks for describing :-)