Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yojimbo Fiasco

Yojimbo users received this today:
Dear Yojimbo customer,

If you use MobileMe to synchronize your Yojimbo data across multiple Macs, you will soon be affected by Apple's decision to end MobileMe service, and we're providing the following info to help smooth your transition.

If you use Yojimbo on one Mac only, or if you use Yojimbo on one Mac and synchronize it only with the Yojimbo for iPad companion app, this change will not immediately affect you.

If however you currently use MobileMe to synchronize your Yojimbo data across multiple Macs, we hope to make the transition to iCloud as smooth as possible. Thus, we are sending this letter to provide you with background information, and to outline your available options.

*** Please note that with the release of the new version, Yojimbo will *only* be available in the Mac App Store. This is because Apple has decided that any applications that use iCloud for sync may only be distributed through the Mac App Store. Therefore, customers who have bought Yojimbo directly from us and wish to use iCloud to sync data will have to purchase a new version of Yojimbo from the Mac App Store.
Let's say you bought Yojimbo on March 17 of this year with an eye to the new syncing feature, then you have just been screwed.[1] Why did Bare Bones Software not advise people beforehand that they should consider buying it at the Apple Application Store? I cannot believe that Apple told them only today.

Shame on Bare Bones Software! Shame on Apple too!

1. I was foolish enough to do this.

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