Friday, August 24, 2012

Folding Text

Folding Text is advertised as "Plain text productivity for geeks. FoldingText gets you organized and more. As you type, it auto-formats your document into headings, lists, and paragraphs. Fold your headings to see the big picture. Focus headings to view the details."

Folding text editors have always interested me. They let you more easily concentrate on the task at hand. They are not exactly outliners, but share an important feature with them. Hence, I consider it an important addition to the text editor families on the Mac.

The Pomodoro and Todo functionalities are also great. I am persuaded to give it a serious trial.


Anonymous said...

Folding Text seems like a lightweight version of TaskPaper. Am I missing something? Is it the markdown?

MK said...

They are very similar.

But I like the price of Folding Text (free versus 24.99 — at least for now) and the straightforward folding of headings.

It's less like a todo app. and more like an editor. Less is more here

That being said, they remain similar, and my preference is somewhat subjective