Monday, August 27, 2012

Voodoopad Blogging

From their Website: "Static publishing turns a VoodooPad document into a lean, mean, Markdown formatting, static blog generating machine. In addition to supporting Markdown, with static publishing you can also sprinkle Scriptlets into your templates and blog posts for dynamic output. You can even use JavaScript events for customization."

But note: "Static is an advanced tool. If you aren't comfortable with JavaScript, it might not be the right tool for you. In addition, Static does not provide web hosting support for your blog. You will need to find a website host on your own" (FlyingMeat).

This is not quite the publication of a static Website, but it is a further move away from a personal wiki. Don't know whether that is a good thing.

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Joe Skunk said...

Do you have a bio posted anywhere? For the past year and a half I have been doing a personal experiment involving extensive note-taking and developing software (really just scripts) to make my own process more efficient. In any event, I have have found very little in-depth work on note-taking processes and theory - and now I discover your site, a complete goldmine. So at this point I am really curious about what work you do, and if you have any formal papers on the subjects you cover in your blog. I am really interested in you ideas, but wading through 500 blog posts seems a bit daunting (though if thats my only option, I'l do it). Thanks.