Sunday, September 23, 2012

Knowsynotes: Markdown and Spreadsheets

KnowsyNotes "is an organizer and editor" for plain text notes (*.txt) and spreadsheets (*.csv)." Its default format for text is Markdown. It is available only for Windows. A 30 day trial is available. The price is $24.99.

One of the things I like most is that it allows you to link easily to other documents, images, and Websites using free inks, i.e. the bracket convention: [linked file]. Aliases are allowed. Files have to be in the same directory.

Like a personal wiki (and most markdown applications) editing and viewing are done in different modes. Besides Markdown, it can also use a subset of the blade wiki markup. It uses the familiar folder structure for organizing data. This means you can use it with files previously created.

Its capabilities are fairly rudimentary, but, if you need (or want) to display and edit csv files and have a markdown editor with some wiki-ability, KnowsyNotes is the application to buy.

Obviously, the developer wants the user to make the association between "knowing" and "notes." Unfortunately for me (or him, because I have the feeling others will be similarly inclined): "knowsy" suggests "nosy," or the state of being offensively inquisitive about personal matters. Would I really want to let other people know that I have some "nosy notes"?

To end on a personal matter that does not require nosiness by anyone, it does only one thing that ConnectedText does not do, namely display csv files. Since I do not need this capability frequently, I will not pay the $24.99. But this should not persuade others to dismiss this interesting and very promising application. I recommend it to anyone who finds ConnectedText "too much."

Some people will like the Multibar, reminiscent of Notational Velocity. Others will like especially the ability to keep the files in DropBox.

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