Sunday, September 2, 2012

Notetab 7

NoteTab has released version 7. It adds "new features, including:
  • Searching with easy-to-use wildcards (like * and ?)
  • Real-time word count (NoteTab or Microsoft Word method)
  • Text statistics for SEO (HTML code automatically ignored)
  • Support for HTML5 and CSS3
  • Support for Twitter’s Bootstrap toolkit
  • New HTML/CSS libraries
  • Syntax highlighting for CSS
  • Improved syntax highlighting for HTML
  • New web templates
  • And much more…"
As you know, I use Notetab. But I have not upgraded to 7.0 so far, as I found none of the changes compelling for my purposes. I would have desired new feature for the Outline and linking of topics. That I have not yet upgraded doesn't mean I won't in the future. It's just not a priority at this time.


Mark Coleran said...

Ironic that your next article is a discussion on hyperlinks, yet you don't include them. As easy and handy as Google search is, it is just a small courtesy.


MK said...

I don't understand the comment ...