Sunday, September 2, 2012

Reminder: First Definition of Hypertext

"A system of non-sequential writing that would allow the reader to aggregate meaning in snippets, in the order of his or her choosing, rather than according to a pre-established structure fixed by the author.” Ted Nelson

I have found Hypertext more useful for note-taking as an attempt "to aggregate meaning in snippets" without either an "order of the note-taker's own choosing" or "a pre-established structure" fixed by the note-taker. Order is something that emerges from the snippets or is introduced at a later state. (Note that the latter use of "or" is non-exclusive.)

My preference for this approach is the reason why I find outliners not very useful in collecting notes. Nor do I think that this preference is a merely subjective attitude. Thinking in terms of headings is primarily exclusionary thinking. It has a use later in the process or activity that is note-taking.

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