Monday, September 3, 2012

Treepad in Parallels

I have always liked Treepad. But, since moving to the Mac and Parallels, I have not used it.

One of the reasons I liked it, is because it easily allows you to switch between viewing the the tree only and seeing both the tree viewing the entry only, and viewing both (Ctrl-F11, Ctrl-F-10, Ctrl-F12). I even used to use it as a replacement for MS-Powerpoint. Now I use Keynote.

Because I had to look at some old files (the semester starts tomorrow) I installed both Treepad Lite and Treepad Business. I am sorry to say that Treepad Lite does not work for me because it does not allow me to insert new nodes with a Mac keyboard.

Treepad Business works, since the return key inserts a new node (and the nodes can be promoted and demoted with Alt-Right and Alt-Left. I doubt I will use it much, as I do my windows outlining right in ConnectedText and on the Mac I use Sribe for simple outlines.

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