Monday, November 19, 2012


This has nothing to do with note-taking. But it is not unimportant. "Zane Tankel owns about 40 Applebees franchises. He says that as a result of the law’s penalties on employers who don’t offer health insurance to their workforce “we won’t build more restaurants, we won’t hire more people.”[1]

I will make it easier for Applebees and never frequent any of their franchises again!

1. See this article.


Display name said...

Here we have an employer who employs hundreds of people saying that, because of the new laws, he will not be creating any new jobs.

Whether you think he's a horrible person for not offering health insurance plans to his employees is a matter of opinion. But the fact that fewer jobs are going to be created is not good for anyone. Without jobs, people can't even buy food, much less insurance. Without jobs, people will seek relief from government programs...which are paid for by the people...who are having a hard time finding jobs...and therefore having a hard time funding the government relief you see a pattern here? It doesn't take a logical genius to understand this fundamental problem.

When it comes to laws, in the end, it doesn't matter what the lawmakers' intentions were when they wrote the law. What matters is the effects it has in real life. And here we see concretely what effect it's having.

MK said...

I don't care what kind of person he is. I do believe, however, that people who don't have health care will also have to "seek relief from government programs" when they are seriously ill. That is one of the reasons why health care costs are so high. Someone has to pay, and it certainly won't be the person who is trying to ends meet on part-time wages.

In other words, the guy is enriching himself at your and my expense! I will not help him in doing so.

Another thing you forget is that the employee also has to contribute to the health care cost in some way, according to the law.

I will not say anything about logic.