Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I took s big step today and disabled my main AutohotKey script in Windows. The reason: I downloaded and installed Breevy, a textexpander for Windows that can not only import the abbreviations of TextExpander, but also sync the snippets between the two programs by using Dropbox. It will allow me to get reliable consistency between the mac and Windows.

It can do many of the things AhK does, but not all; and I expect to have an ahk file running parallel to Breevy for a long time to come. But basic tasks I will move from AhK to Breevy. These include:
  • Program Launch
  • Abbreviations of all sorts
  • Clipboard manipulation
  • Date insertion
  • Special Symbols
I like the interface because it is very much like that of TextExpander (and has organizational features, like Folders for different types of snippets.

I have not bought it yet, but I am almost sure that I will do so at the end of the trial period in 30 days. It costs 34.95.[1]

1. Here is a review of it.


JC said...

I'm trying it, and thanks for mentioning it. Right away, however, I can't see how to add accents to words, like Andrés. Breevy won't allow the accented E. Any help?

MK said...

I have said it up so that ;e produces é

You just have to find an application that gives you the special character and paste it into the Replacement text box.

I suggest "character map".