Sunday, November 25, 2012

Devonnote and ConnectedText

I just discovered to my delight that you can drag a document from Devonnote on the Mac into ConnectedText on Windows running in Parallels. This creates a File link. Clicking on the link will open the correct Devonnote File in Notepad. Changes made and saved to the file will show up in the DevonThink database.

Apparently this is O.K., as I read the following on the Devonthink Forum:
The major cautions would be not to do things externally that the database isn't aware of, e.g., deleting or renaming files stored within the database, or directly adding files from outside (in which case the database doesn't "know" about such additions and can't list or search them). All those things can be done manually by using the Show Package Contents command, and should be avoided.
Direct editing/saving of a file stored in the database from outside may be OK, although the database may not be aware of the changes until the Synchronize command is used.
This opens up even more possibilities of integrating the Mac with Windows! Please stay tuned.

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