Saturday, December 29, 2012

All My Journals

I just received this by e-mail:
Are you thinking of keeping a journal in 2013? Would you like to look back over all those memories from times past, read what you were thinking five or ten years ago?
Sounds great, but how many New Year's Resolutions last beyond January? You forget to write something down. Your word processor is awkward to use as a daily journal. One excuse leads to another and before you know it, it's the end of June and you haven't written an entry since January.
That's where All My Journals comes in.
Simple, clutter free journal software for Windows, from the makers of PageFour. You create as many journals as you wish, and they're always there, a click away.
Download it here and try it out >>
All My Journals opens at today's date so you can get typing straight away. No files, no folders, no frustrations. It takes care of the days, months and years for you, and best of all, you can set a password so that your private thoughts stay private.
We're running a 25% Off offer until January 12th.
So, if you were thinking of keeping a journal this year, and if you appreciate software that does one thing really well, give All My Journals a try.
A fully featured, 15 day trial is available to download, and you have until January 12th to take advantage of the discount.
Happy New Year. Darren Devitt Bad Wolf Software
It looks interesting, and I will try (though I doubt it will persuade me to move my journal from ConnectedText.

There are two versions: one free, the other paid. The paid version will allow you to keep more than one journal. If you download the paid version, it will devolve into the free version after 15 days.

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