Saturday, December 15, 2012

ConnectedText and Evernote

I have recently given up on Simplenote and, as a result, on nValt which I used mainly with Simplenote. To be sure, I have ported the notes to Dropbox and I could use nValt, if I wanted to. It's just that I now find Evernote more convenient for the temporary storage of notes taken on the road.

As I said before, Evernote plays nice with ConnectedText. You can call up ConnectedText topics by the URLs in Evernote and Evernote notes by their note links in ConnectedText. It is also easy to export Evernote notes to html which can easily be imported into ConnectedText.

This seems to be—at least for now—the optimal solution for the complementary needs of temporary and permanent storage of notes.


JWS02459 said...

I've moved from SimpleNore/nvAlt to a combination of nvAlt/Byword & Nebulous Notes, syncing through DropBox. Seems fine so far. I've found nvAlt essential: it's quick to launch, makes good use of the "services" menu in other apps, and has a nice implementation of wiki links.

Joseph La said...

How do you structure your notes? I know you made a post about the zim desktop wiki program and was wondering if you still use the wiki formating in regular notes. Why did you switch from zim anyways?