Monday, December 17, 2012

Good Advice for Writers

See here; "Thinking in modular terms also helps you to break down the task into manageable component parts. “Writing a book” sounds intimidating, but a book is just the collective product of many days of writing a few dozen, or a few hundred, words. Dividing the project up into chunks allows you to have achievable goals. And anyway, it’s only once you have made all the modules and thought about them for a while that you can see how they fit together."

Jacobs says he uses BBEdit to write because it "allows me to create Projects from multiple files, do search-and-replace across multiple files, “fold” sections of text, view in split screens, and so on and so on." I have seen BBEdit praised many times before but never felt the need to try it. Perhaps I should, even though I did use TextWrangler on and off!

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