Thursday, December 27, 2012

Growly Write

Bean, a simple and elegant word processor for OS X is no longer developed. In other words, it's a "has been"—not my pun. But there is another word processor that can do just as much and perhaps more. It's called Growly Write. Growly Write does a lot: "multiple columns, chapters with different layouts, pictures that flow with the text or pictures that text wraps around, drop caps, tables, lists, links within a document or to web pages, borders simple and complex, and a complete toolkit of text formats. But everything is easy to find."

But it does not do footnotes (just as Beans didn't). Too bad. They include only features "that most people use every day." On the other hand, they are "getting many requests from students." I would suppose that most of those need footnotes (and that, if they listen to them, they should at least consider the inclusion of this feature. But who am I to ask for this?

I found out about the program here, and I fully agree with the assessment.

Growlybird software offers other interesting applications, like "Growly Notes," which seems to be a OneNote clone for OS X.

The applications are free!


Michael Leddy said...

I’m a longtime Bean (and Pages) user but didn’t know about this one — thanks. The one reason I would hold back from regular use: not (to me eyes) a very pleasing interface.

On another note: are there many professors who insist on footnotes instead of endnotes?

MK said...

No, endnotes are preferred. I used "footnotes" generically to refer to foot- and endnotes. And neither Beans nor Growly Write does endnotes either.

Growly Write has a feature called notes, but the notes do not print or translate into rtf or pdf (unless I am missing something which is possible).