Sunday, January 27, 2013

Atlantis and ConnectedText

I have been a long-time user of both the Atlantis word processor and ConnectedText. A long time ago I tried whether Atlantis could open ConnectedText URLs and was disappointed that it did not seem to work Recently, speak: yesterday, I tried again, and much to my surprise it now works. Pasting a ConnectedText Url like “ct://Personal/Blogs%20to%20follow” as a hyperlink into Atlantis creates a link that you can name anything you want to. Clicking on it will open the appropriate page in ConnectedText.

One just has to make sure to check the Load/Save Option “Open hyperlinks to supported documents.”

So, now I can run Atlantis alongside ConnectedText pretty much like another ConnectedText window with rtf, doc, or docx support, having access to any topic in any project. I can, of course also open any rtf, doc, or docx document from ConnectedText (as those extensions are registered with Atlantis). It’s almost seamless. The answer to the question of how I could have missed this ability until now is, of course that I do most of my work in ConnectedText and only use the other formats when I need to communicate with others, that is, when I submit a paper, write a memo or distribute course outlines. For this reason I am not sure either how much use I will make of this setup. Time will tell.

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