Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sidney Hook's Pressure

I am still looking at Page Fright, and there is this gem on p. 58: "American philosopher Sidney Hook had to weigh his words at the end of a pen. 'The gravity of my words seems to me in correlation with the pressure I put on my pen, he said, "when I type something, I always feel it's superficial because it seems to come off the top of my mind.'"

Seems to me, either he never put enough pressure on his pen, or, more likely, the pressure he put on his pen had nothing to do with the gravity of his words. (This is an inclusive "or," even though preceded by an "either.") The feeling he had while typing was justified, and not just for what he typed.

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JWS02459 said...

For what it's worth, I spent an afternoon looking through Hook's papers at the Hoover Institute. Early in his career, he seemed to prefer scribbling drafts in blue books. At other points in his career, he shifted over to using large index cards (4 x 6) or bigger.