Wednesday, January 16, 2013


TextDrop is a browser-based text editor for Dropbox. It was recently reviewed by the Chronicle of Higher Education which praises its similarities to nValt. Its conclusion: "At $10, TextDrop was a steal. At nearly $30, it still offers good value for money, especially for people who write on locked-down computers."

I am not sure this is true, especially since there is a free application, called send to dropox that allows you to send attachments to Dropbox. I believe TextDrop occupies such a small niche and costs so much that it will not survive for long. As always, I could be wrong.

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Todd Lucas said...

The first time I looked at TextDrop, I wasn't really sure what I was looking at. I think the price was under $8 at the time. Now that I'm interested in it, its $28.90.

All I'd really like to have is something more like nvALT for Windows. I know, Resophnotes, which is free, but without jacking up my Windows appearance settings, its just another nasty black text on white background app with no character. I use it, but not centrally, because it messes with my eyes too much, and that limits its usefulness to "not very". I've been leaning heavily on Writemonkey's ability to do full text search in a directory to do what I need, and its just not anywhere near as ergonomic, so far, so I end up just doing without, and sometimes just not working, which is problematic of me (apparently come down with the lazybumitis a bit to easily).

I suppose TextDrop is working out for its author, though, and I'm not one to disparage a guy from earning compensation with his creations, so just one more bit of bright shiny that just isn't for me.