Saturday, February 16, 2013

Real Minimalism in Writing

Nabokov: "These bits I write on index cards until the novel is done ... I am rather particular about my instruments: lined Bristol cards and well-sharpened, not too hard, pencils capped with erasers."[1]
Late in the day, he liked to recline. See also this entry.

1. Here is an entry on Brstol cards. Nabokov used both squared and lined formats, but seems to have had a preference for the lined ones. The format in The Original of Laura does not correspond to any of the sizes given here. So, either they have not been reproduced exactly (which is what I would suppose), or Nabokov used a format that preceded the Din A standard (which I doubt). I have recently encountered a paperback edition of this book in which the cards are very much reduced in size.


Misha said...

It would appear the format was scaled down. According to the Christie's auction website, the original manuscript index cards measured 110 by 150 mm. (

MK said...

Thank you very much for the link. Very interesting. It does not, however, solve the mystery of the format for me.