Tuesday, March 26, 2013

iPad Mini and Information Management

There is a nice post on how the iPad Min can (or cannot) be used for information management on Welcome to Sherwood. I agree with most of the observations, though I am perhaps less negative. The reason for this is that I never expected as much from this device as the blog's author. I mainly use it on the "T", commuting almost every work day. It's much better than the original iPad for this purpose because it is so much smaller.

Simple Text files, written with Nebulous Notes or Day One will do for me, as I transfer them almost every day into ConnectedText. Thus, I never need more than ten text files on the iPad mini for syncing with my Mac Mini. Nebulous Notes works well with DropBox and Day One just as well with iCloud. I also have Simplenote and Evernote on the device, but I hardly ever use them. E-mail, Calendering and e-reader applications (Kindle an Nook) are the other main applications I use on it. (I actually have not used my Kindle Device for more than two months now.)

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