Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Noted is an online outliner. It "supports a subset of Markdown for formatting" text. The notes are saved on the developer's server. However, if this server is down, they can still be accessed and exported to Dropbox. It looks interesting.

It will compete with Workflowy and the new online outliner by David Winer, called Little Outliner. It works very much like Thinktank, his first outliner. Little Outliner saves files in OPML locally on your computer. However, there is no way to access these files without the Web Application itself. It also looks interesting.

Ther is now a dearth of online outline applications. What I like most about them is that they are all one-pane outliners.

Since I am leery about Web applications, I will not use any for serious work. I'd just wish that there were some windows applications like this to use on the desktop.


Anonymous said...

Well, you could always try UV-Outliner, which is a rather good one-pane outliner. Or Noteliner (ditto).

MK said...

I agree.

There is also a new post by David Winer on "local storage" here.