Monday, April 1, 2013

Amazon Cloud Sync

Amazon's new Cloud Drive Application now creates a Cloud Drive Folder on your computer that syncs with the Amazon Cloud. It seems to work just like DropBox, and will let you access your documents, music, and photos across multiple computers. Cloud Drive allows every user five gigabytes of storage for free. 20 GB cost $10.00 a year, 50 GB cost $25.00, 100 GB cost $50.00, etc. The maximum seems to be 1000 GB ($500.00). The pricing scheme is much more favorable to the user than that of DropBox which gives you only 2 GB for free (though it must be said that there many ways of increasing that to 5 GB or more). But 100GB, the first option for an upgrade, costs already $9.99 a month, i.e. more than ten times than Amazon. If you are not deeply committed to DropBox or some other provider, Amazon seems to be the way to go.[1]

I will test it for a week or so, before I upgrade to 20 GB. I had a subscription before, but I cancelled it precisely because I could not sync.{2]

1. There are also options for uploading and playing songs, but this does not interest me.
2. See also Ars Technica. They have some more details. Their claim: "The Amazon prices are identical to SkyDrive's, slightly cheaper than Google's, and about half the price of Dropbox" is true. However, if you are only interested in 20 GB, then DropBox is about ten times as much, Google Drive at 25 GB at 2.49 a month is three times as much, and Skydrive costs the same.

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Korm said...

No Amazon Cloud Drive iOS app (yet), just Android. This reduces the value. Another possible limit to adoption of ACD and others is that Box and Dropbox dominate with iOS developers who build sync into their apps -- this could change quickly, but has not yet.