Friday, May 24, 2013

Cotton Candy: A Mini Computer

This is a computer, but it really fits in your pocket. "More than just a device that targets making TVs “Smart”, FXI’s Cotton Candy allows any Intel processor based laptop or PC with a USB connection to be used as a thin client to the Android or Linux Ubuntu operating systems running on the Cotton Candy. Now users can enjoy a familiar computing experience on any system, while surfing the Internet freely, using typical programs and accessing sensitive files without the concern of intermingling data or leaving behind personal files and passwords. The benefits of these features are particularly interesting to companies with apps or services that are to be experienced on multiple screens and across eco-system barriers."

It costs $199.00 and runs Android and Linux.

Here is a competing product that does, however, not seem to be available yet. That being said, "the current Cotton Candy firmware open for release is NOT considered a Consumer product, it is only currently acceptable for Developers."

This leaves only the UG007 for just $50.39 at Amazon. But it seems to be the very thing that is "just a device that targets making TVs 'smart'". The company that develops the Cotton Candy is based in Norway.

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