Friday, May 24, 2013


iMapping presents itself as a new tool for personal information management. It is supposed to have advantages over mind maps (cross links or Querverbindungen) and concept maps (hierarchical structuring at arbitrary depth), and its approach is presented as a new method. I cannot decide whether it is a radically new approach, as I have not tried it. But I am skeptical. The application needs Java 6 to run. You can download it here.

Warning! The Website is written in German. The same seems to hold for the application's interface.


Anonymous said...

Not a radically new approach, no. It appears to be based on the same intrinsic concept as TreeSheets, but with the addition of links (Querverbindungen) based on mind/concept mapping. It's a nice idea, but I remain unconvinced that it brings much more to the table than, for example, XMind and the latter's support for complex tables in individual nodes.

Heiko said...

A big differnece between iMapping and tree-based visualisations (like xmind's) is that iMapping scales up to very large maps with many thousands of items, and still offers an overview on each level. Trees of that size are much harder to read.
And: While the website is german, the tool itself is in english.

Heiko said...
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Heiko said...

Oh, and btw, the original website is