Saturday, August 17, 2013

Index Card Board for iPad

Another index card application for the iPad. I looked at Index Card in a previous post. I exports to "email, iTunes, or Dropbox as a formatted text file, image, PDF, or an Index Card Board file." It costs $4.99 (just like Index Card).

There is also a minimalist version called "index cards®", but it seems to have a rather limited feature set (and I don't like the registered sign behind "index cards"). It's just $0.99.

These applications seem to be inspired by Scrivener's cork board. They are designed for outlining, or perhaps better: pre-outlining, or moving around different passages or scenes before or while writing them up. They are not really designed for serious data storage, though they could perhaps be used for such purposes as well.


Stephen Zeoli said...

It will be interesting to see how the index card feature works in the Scrivener iPad app when that eventually arrives. If it matches or exceeds these existing index card apps, these might fade away. I've got Storyist on my iPad, which has a functional index card feature, but which is not nearly as powerful as Index Cards, other than it is integrated with its own writing environment... no small thing.

MK said...

I agree.