Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On "Late Abandoners"

I was reminded of "Kedit" again. I never used it and never will use it. But I have written about McPhee's "workflow" with Kedit. Here is a somewhat interesting article by John Derbyshire about his experience with Kedit, in which he coins the phrase "late abandoners." Some programs, like Lotus Agenda, Ecco, and Grandview, seem to have had a special "attraction" for "late abandoners" (and I don't know why it is outliner programs that come to mind—perhaps people who outline are one of the species of of the genus of "late abandoners," and I do not deny belonging to this species). Part of the phenomenon constituted by "late abandoners" has, of course, to do with the fact that the programs they refuse to abandon, did one or the other thing very well, but it does not explain the phenomenon in its entirety. Loyalty, habituation, and fear of the unknown—a combination sometimes called "love"—must also have to do with it. But there must be other reasons. I'd be grateful for more information.

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Anonymous said...

Alas, I'm late to respond... and I'm a late abandoner... of KEdit!

While I review my options periodically (as new ones appear), I value what does what I want, what is adaptable, and (perhaps even more importantly) what's extensible. I became a KEdit user in 1991 and have used it vigorously.

KEdit meshes with Notepad++ for unicode translation, MS Word for print formatting and spell checking, AutoHotKey for text expansion, and various compare programs to highlight differences. I use KEdit for ToDo's, book lists, telephone contact lists, and medications.

Limits it surely has (as do I) but I am greatly familiar with it and only regret there are not more folks to share usages.