Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blumenberg on Luhmann, Part II

In the catalog to the Marbach exhibition on Zettelkästen, we find that Blumenberg himself found it important to note some of the differences between his an Luhmann's Kästen, i.e. that he used index cards and not paper, that he ordered his cards thematically and not numerically, and that both keep an index. I would have preferred a thicker description of these comments. Instead , they talk at length about the metaphor of "communicating with oneself"—not entirely uninteresting, but not as interesting as Blumenberg himself would have been. They note that Blumenberg's card index consisted more of quotations than did Luhmann's. Did he himself comment on that? We do not find out. Too bad!


Frank Hirtz said...

I remember only that Luhmann said (or wrote? - I can't find anything in my database) that his Zettelkasten was NOT to order excerpts/ideas of others but a way to remember/order his ideas when he was reading something.

MK said...

See here for some of the relevant texts.