Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ConnectedText 6

ConnectedText version 6 has just been released. There are many new features and improvements. I only list just some of them (in the order of importance for me). Other people will have other preferences.
  1. Any topic can now be previewed in a floating window. Any number of floating windows can be open at a time. The content of floating windows cannot be edited in a floating window, however. To do that you need to open it in the main window. This affordance, among other things, makes it easy to compare the topic you are editing with other topics, or to use other topics as a reference.
  2. Inline queries can now query projects different from the one to which they belong. This feature makes the integration of different projects even easier.
  3. Auto numbering of headings in a topic. This feature makes headings behave even more like items in an outline.
  4. Headings can now also be edited, created, moved, promoted and demoted directly in the "Table of Contents View". This new capability makes it even easier to use ConnectedText like a two-pane outliner.
  5. Files and folders can be used as outline items.
  6. Outline files can now be used as templates. In other words, outlines can be easily converted to a set of headings which can be later on developed in the editor. This way you can work with the outline view to design your content with all tools available for outlining.
  7. The content of footnotes is now available as a tooltip window when you hover over the footnote in view mode.
  8. Named Blocks which allow you to annotate longer text. This is useful for those who do qualitative analysis (which I don't do).
  9. GEFX export.
  10. Map Plugin to display a section of the OpenStreetMap project maps or a Google Map of a given size, scale and coordinates.
  11. Nodes in the navigator can be removed.
  12. Portable Python can now be used.

I should perhaps also add that version 6.5 promises even bigger changes. I think it will be a free upgrade for those who buy version 6.0.

Needless to say at this point, I like ConnectedText very much and am glad that it is actively developed.


Bart said...

Thanks for the heads-up.

And an off-topic note: you think Kant is a dull person. At least if we believe the last post on Open Culture.

MK said...

You are welcome.
On the off-topic note: That's the trouble with being quoted out of context.

michel said...

No apps for tablets or smartphones?

MK said...

I do run ConnectedText on my iPad mini, using Parallels access. See here and here. It works!