Sunday, November 10, 2013

Reviews of Note-Taking Software

Here is a site dedicated to reviewing note-taking software. I find the reviews helpful and to the point. While I would not give so much room to "Visual Appeal" as the reviewer does (and you might think other categories less important), the factors that go into reviewing are clearly identified and therefore useful in evaluating the review itself.

Highly recommended!


Paul Miller said...

I make no apologies for including 'Visual Appeal' as one of the categories in my reviews.

Visual appeal is important, your interaction with the program will be affected by the way it looks. I admit that the score I give to visual appeal is dominated by my own aesthetic but I do not disguise the fact that this is my own opinion and that other people may not agree with me.

If you feel that Visual Appeal has no significance then the figure I assigned to it is clearly visible, you may subtract this from the total and get a more 'realistic' figure out of fifty.


Paul J. Miller

MK said...

Nor should you apologize for putting visual appeal in there. I know that it is more important for some people than for others. As I said, I really appreciate the way you are "up front" about what went into the review and how different aspects figure precisely.