Friday, November 8, 2013

Voodoopad in Plausible Labs

If you believe Gus Mueller, Voodoopad is better off without him: "Development on VoodooPad is going to happen at a quicker pace now. And instead of a single developer focusing attention on VoodooPad, it now has a team.'

We'll see!


Alan Sandercock said...

Thanks for the notification about VoodooPad changing owners. By the way have you every used Trunk Notes? It's a great little personal wiki program for the iPhone/iPad which also happens to have markdown support. I think it's a greatly under appreciated program. Check out the comments on the iTunes store for more info and don't be discouraged by a couple of recent 1 star reviews!

Anonymous said...

I see that VoodooPad is currently offering a $10 discount on both purchases and upogrades. I moved away from the program a few years ago and do most of my note-taking in nvAlt, but I'm inclined to upgrade and give it a try again. I know that you're committed to ConnectedText, but I'd be curious about your thoughts on VoodooPad.

MK said...

I do own the latest version already. I have not, however, found time to play with it.