Sunday, December 22, 2013

Info-Base 1.8

Info-base is described by its developer as "a 'clone' of the good and old "Info-Select" (Version 1.0)." It can import data from Info-Select can be imported.

The author is also the developer of ISWrun which improves InfoSelect 1 for Windows which was designed for Windows 3.x. ISWrun calls ISW.EXE and runs in the background, adding a number of features, like spell checking, etc. I have been using it for a while, though "using" is probably not the right way to describe what I do with it. "Playing" is probably a better description.

I have always been fascinated by Info Select 1.0, used it when it first came out, and have wished for a worthy successor.[1] Info-Base is a capable application and it does some things very well. It integrates all the additions of ISWrun, supports Unicode, is very fast, and a simple application. One thing I like best is that it allows links from one note to another.[2] The first line of the note becomes the title. Info just as in Info-Select items had numbers, and the first line served as a guide.

However, Info-Base 1.8 does not do one thing that made Info-Select special for me, namely the fact that it would show a large number of windows at the same time. This was especially important for the incremental searches it allowed. You could immediately see a group of related items. Info-Base 1.8 functions more like a two-pane outliner with the topic titles being displayed on top and the editable note at the bottom. Since this is missing, I will not continue play with it.[3] For this reason, and for this reason alone, I prefer Notescraps.

Another thing I liked about Info-Select 1 was that there was nothing else to distract you, no outline, no list of files, etc. Info-Base 1.8 has fixed windows for this information on both sides. This makes it more busy than I would like. I wish these Windows could be turned off, like in Notetab.

The help file does not work in Windows 7.

This being said, the application is free, and it certainly is worth a trial, if you like plain text note-taking programs. Perhaps the multiple windows will be added in a future version.

1. See here and here.
2. You copy the address of a note while being in it and go to the note in which the link is to appear and copy the link. It is not as convenient as a wiki or free link, but it works efficiently enough.
3. Similar considerations hold for AllMyNotes which is very capable.


Computers Have Ruined My Life said...

I was able to display the help file, but it's in German, and I need English.

MK said...

There are two help files, one in English, one in German. If you can display the one, you should be able to display the other. The English one is called "InfoBase-eng.chm.

Meanwhile, I was able to open both with SumatraPDF.