Friday, January 3, 2014


Kaleidoscope is an application for the Mac that allow you to compare different versions of text, folder and images. Their motto is: "Whatever you write, your first draft is never the last. Spot changed text quickly and merge instantly."

The application costs $69.99.

ConnectedText offers such a tool natively:

It is restricted to text, but I would suppose most people who have use for Kaleidoscope would use it mostly for text as well.[1] In any case, the ability to compare different versions of the same topic has come in very handy several times during the last few years. I would be interested in Kaleidoscope, if I did not do most of my writing in ConnectedText.

1. By way of David Bosman.

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Javi said...

File Merge, from the Apple Developer Tools does (nearly?) the same and costs nothing.