Friday, January 31, 2014

Note-taking in Scrivener?

Here is a very good review of the weaknesses and strengths of Scrivener as a note-taking system. I found nothing to disagree with.

No further comment!


Anonymous said...

My only comment would be that there is a difference between "note taking" and "note keeping." Obviously a good note management system will do both well. The author's chief objection to Scrivener is as a note-keeper; that is handling thousands of notes. I only bring this up because I've envisioned a system where notes could be taken in Scrivener (because of its many advantages as a place to write and organize notes), where they would then (say at the end of a month or a year, whatever) be exported for storage in a more robust note keeper (say DevonThink on a Mac, CT on a PC). This would really be of use, perhaps, for a major project that requires a lot of text notes -- after the project concludes, the notes could be moved to another storage app. Just some stray thoughts on this subject.

MK said...

That does sound like a plausible approach, and it probably is (for some of us). I prefer to keep my notes separate in you know what).

But I understand that different people have different needs and preferences.

Anonymous said...

I made the comment that Scrivener pauses whilst it makes a backup. This was not really a criticism just an observation. It is a fact of life that saving large amounts of data will cause a delay.

This was an artificial and extreme test and in normal circumstances I would not keep all my data together in one file or collection. I was just pushing the program to see if it would break, it didn't.

Some of the Note Taking programs I have looked at couldn't handle even a fraction of the number or size of documents I have tested Scrivener and MyInfo with.