Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Knowsynotes is Texthaven since December 31. It took me a while to find out about it, but here is my acknowledgement (thanks to the Outliner Forum).

I like the new title of the program much better. The same goes for the interface. There is nothing I don't like here. I think I will buy it. It probably will replace Notepad as my text application in Windows. It also does pretty much everything I want out of nvAlt.[1]

Later that day (18:44): Alas, there is a problem. While "embracing the timelessness of plain-text" is a nice slogan, I do need Texthaven to save files in UTF-8 and not just in ANSI.

1. In my post on Knowsynotes I lamented the fact that ConnectedText could not display CSV files. This is no longer a complaint. There is a Python script now that does this very well. See here. The last script by comvox does it best. However, since Texthaven allows you to edit csv files, the two applications can complement one another.

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