Monday, January 6, 2014

When "Good Enough" is Enough

There is a nice post on Appstorm, called "Another App Won’t Solve Your Problems." It's mainly pitched to Mac users, but it contains valid advice for any user with a tendency for CRIMPING (an expression first used in the outlining forum, referring to the addiction of trying out new personal information management programs on a constant basis). See here for further enlightenment. "We’re apt to think that just another app will solve all of our problems." ... But we are "just collecting tools." Remember: "The important thing is the work, not the tools. You’d be far better off to do the things you need to do with the tools you’re already used to using — so, perhaps, design that flyer in Pages if it doesn’t have to be that professional, or code your next site in the text editor you already use without worrying if other editors are better. Perhaps you’d type faster with TextExpander, but worry about that another day. For now, do the work."

Repeat after me: "I will stop collecting tools in 2014 and concentrate on doing the work!" Or rather: "I will concentrate on doing the work and collect tools only after hours!"


Anonymous said...

And the truth is that not only are playing with and learning new apps counterproductive, but if you have too many apps in your so-called "work flow," you lose productivity that way too. At least that's my experience. My goal at this time of year every year seems to be to "simplify, simplify." Not that I'm very successful at this.

MK said...

I fully agree with you, of course. In fact, "workflow" is my my least favorite word for 2013.

One thing that has helped me in the last six years or so is that I try strictly to separate work and play. "Not that I'm very successful with this" either.

Happy New Year,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the New Year wishes, Manfred. And thank you, too, for your thoughtful blog. I check it daily for new and interesting articles. Happy New Year to you too.

Steve Z.

MK said...

You are welcome, Steve, I probably enjoy your blog just as much as you do mine.