Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cornell Notes and Staples' Arc Project Planner

The Cornell note-taking system is widely recommended by people who seem to know. The idea behind it is simple. You divide the page into three areas, one for the notes, the other for key points and themes, and at the bottom you note the kinds of things you would like to review, like so

It turns out that the Arc System by Staples provides you with a Project Planner Refill that uses almost the same layout (though it uses different tiles):

It's more expensive than the sheets you would draw yourself, but using the Arc refills won't break the bank.[1] I recommend them. You can also use them with the CVS Caliber System that works like Arc System. Furthermore, they can also be used with the more expensive Levenger Circa System.[2]

1. See also the earlier post on Atoma notebooks. The CVS version is difficult to find on the net, but they can be found in CVS stores. In my experience the paper (and other implements of the Arc and Caliber systems are interchangeable. I have not tried the Levenger Circa system, but I see no reason for it not to work. For a price comparison of the three systems, see here. It's from last year. Prices of the CVS system seem to have gone up slightly.

2. March 9, 2014: It turns out that the Levenger Circa Rhodia Meeting Refill also would fill the bill, though the layout is slightly different, it has the same elements:

See Amazon.

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