Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Outliner for OSX

I was beaten by Welcome to Isherwood to a review of "Outlinely," a very interesting outlining application with a relatively stupid name. As always, of Welcome to Isherwood review is thorough and to the point.

There are only three things I have to disagree with:
  • Stephen observes: "Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a keyboard command to unfocus. You’ve got to mouse over to the little magnifying glass in the bottom left corner and click." Well ... there is, but it is in a weird place. Whereas Focus is under the "Outline" Menu, Undo focus (or Function Key + Z) is the first item under the "Edit" Menu (at least when you are in focus-mode; when you are in normal edit mode, the first item is Undo). The program seems to get confused after you have edited in focus mode. For then Function Key + Z does undo. And to get it "unconfused you do need to press the "Unfocus" button at the left bottom on the screen. Pressing the Escape key in focus Mode will also get you out of that view.
  • Stephen observes, there is no help file, but there is in a help outline in my version that is not unhelpful.
  • The problems Stephen notes with regard to notes disappears, if you realize that you have to hit return twice at the end of a note to get out of a note.{1]
Outlinely has no "Save as," but you can save a copy and rename it.

The application clearly needs more work, but it represents an excellent start (as Stephen also points out). One of the first things I would like to know is how to add "smart links" (or at least have explained to me what is meant by the phrase).

1. You should take a look at the refreshed review rather than the one I mention here, as the errors i note here, have been fixed in it.


Anonymous said...

Manfred, thanks for correcting my errors. I'll add corrections to my post. The reason the help outline didn't open for me originally is directly related to the problem I was having that prevented the app from re-opening files. This is a nice little outliner, definitely. And the developer responded very quickly when I wrote to him about the problem I was experiencing.

MK said...

I didn't see myself so much as correcting errors, as I thought I was assisting you. I always enjoy your reviews.

I can see, however, how not being able to open the help file (meager as it is) might lead to problems.