Monday, March 31, 2014

Outlinely versus Scribe

Scribe, an outliner I talked about before, released a new version today.[1] It is version 1.2. The release promises massive performance increases and it also delivers some small bug fixes. This update reminds me to do a comparison of Scribe and Outlinely. Here it goes:
  • They are both very simple applications, their menus look almost the same, and they do what they do very well.
  • The keyboard shortcuts seems identical.
  • Scribe affords several outline styles from legal, to academic, bullets, and check boxes. I find that to be a definite plus for scribe, as I don't see how Outlinely supports this at all
  • Outlinely supports a "focus mode" or hoisting, something that Scribe does not support. I find this is a plus for Outlinely.
  • Outlinely supports notes. This is another plus of Outlinely.
  • Scribe costs $12.99; Outlinely costs 4.99 for now (it will go up to around $10.00 after an "introductory period."
  • Outlinely has more of the feeling of an editor. I know this is very subjective, but it is also a plus in my book.
In spite of a greater number of pluses for Outlinely, I will continue to do most of my Mac outlining with Scribe, as I very much prefer the automatic numbering styles in Scribe.

I should perhaps also say that most of my outlining is actually done in ConnectedText, and that means Windows—at least for now.

1. See here and here.

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