Saturday, April 19, 2014

Can You Still Buy Papyrus Paper?

As almost everyone knows, papyrus is one of the first writing materials in the western world. The very word "paper" derives from it, and papyrus scrolls were displaced only after the codex took over in early Christianity. So, an idle question occurred to me: Can you still buy it? A search that brought up a stationary store, a kind of software, and other kind of irrelevancies, ultimately led me to this: Papyrus for School Projects. There are other versions available.

Will I buy it and write on it? The answer is probably not. My curiosity does not go that far. This technology is not a live option. It should, however, give hope to those of us who still rely on paper. Paper will probably be good for the next 1000 years, if papyrus is anything to go on.

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