Sunday, May 4, 2014

New Scratch File for ConnectedText

I discovered this Website today. The Scratchpad will replace the one I created the more simple-minded script I wrote some years ago. The best thing I like about it is that it can create new content from a template. The script runs saves files in the same directory in which it runs. Templates are in a template directory underneath it. I run the script from a Dropbox directory.

I am not using the exe file, but the AhK script, and made a few changes to it. I had to change some of the Gui boxes because they did not display correctly. I also changed the file extension from "txt" to "cbk," and I wrote the following template:



The program/script saves in UTF-8. The file names look like this: "04 May 2014 1005.cbk" where "1005" refers to the time

I can now import files created in this way as ConnectedText backup files. "##CT##" needs to be followed by the name of the topic. I have set the the ConnectedText import option to overwrite, if a topic with the same name exists. The expression "[[created:=%a_yyyy%%A_MM%%A_dd%]]" creates the topic with the creation time as an attribute. It all works correctly. ConnectedText takes the name of the topic from whatever follows "##CT##", not from the file name.

One cautionary note. If you choose the import option "overwrite," you have to be careful not to choose a topic that already exists, but you can always add a modifier to the topic that identifies it as imported, however.

What do I need it for? I use it as a way of "backing up" or rather of writing to an import directory in Dropbox when I don't have ConnectedText available (or when I have forgotten to sync the office computer with the home computer). It's the best solution I have found so far.[1]

1. I am very thankful to Desi Quitans who wrote the original script. Apparently it has been downloaded more than 4500 times. The other programs referenced on the Webpage are also very interesting.

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